10 impactful techniques on how your field teams can adopt construction software

Kickstarting on a digital path can be quite overwhelming for AEC firms. Continuous efforts, bold steps, and good resource management are what it takes to convince stakeholders to take the digital route. Both, back office and field teams can be resistant to change based on a myriad of reasons viz. lack of technology trust, high cost, complex integration, etc. This is where firms like iFieldSmart Technologies play a vital role in transforming the AEC sector by fueling greater digital adoption.

The good news is, it’s not too late for your AEC firm to embrace a data-driven approach based on complete construction automation. This includes construction management, cloud storage, and virtual collaboration. Through comprehensive automation, construction firms can influence greater project control, better workflows, enhanced productivity, fewer delays, and reduced rework.

In this article, we look at ten impactful techniques on how field teams can adopt construction management software.

Onsite construction covers a myriad of activities, and working on a construction project is never easy. A vast number of stakeholders and project teams need to store, access, and share data on the go. It is also vital for back office and on-site teams to collaborate on a perpetual basis.

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