11 Kinds of Harry Potter Wizards

I developed a habit of rereading the Harry Potter novel series many times. I first saw the book back in high school, almost twenty years ago. And goodness I was so impressed! I got hooked on the story, with its compelling mysteries, childish but solid plot and amazing world building. And do note that before Harry Potter, I’m no book reader. We could say that the Harry Potter series was the first novel I read and the book that got me into fiction. It changes me as years later; I plan to publish my own book. It is a venture that goes on until today.

Self-reflection and nostalgia aside, I often reread the novel at least once a year after I first came in contact with the book. And as do I begin to notice how wizard have something in common with each other. No matter what house they belong to, whether you are a dark wizard or not, we could group the wizards into class. It may be according to their brains, oddities, race and whatever I might think of. And do note that this is just my opinion. I have too many experiences with overly sensitive Japanese anime fans but I think Potterheads are more open. Interested? Then below are 11 kinds of wizards in the Harry Potter universe.

(If I forgot any, feel free to comment).

1. The Expert Class
Clockwise; Albus Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hermione Granger.

As what the name suggests they are good in doing their things. They are just darn good at magic. Yet doing spells are not the only thing they are good at. I observed how these guys and girls are quick witted, clever, practical and wise. They are even good in dealing with people. They are the best of the best though they are not exactly perfect.

The good old Albus Dumbeldore, Minerva McGonagall and Hermione Granger are good example. The same can be said to the young Tom Riddle before he became the Dark Lord.

2. Part Humans
Hagrid and the tiny Flitwick.

We thought that only the Lord of the Rings has those, but the Harry Potter universe had their own to boast. Yup they are hum