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Smarsh Infotech- A popular Custom Software Development company

"Smarsh Infotech is a well-known name amongst the best outsourcing companies. We provide different services like web app development, mobile app development, maintenance and support, etc. We also provide custom software... Read More

According to our clients, Smarsh Infotech is a top mobile app development company that helps our clients develop innovative, platform-independent and custom enterprise apps for their business. Our expert mobile app... Read More

Node.js vs Java- Who’s the winner?

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Nodejs best practices developers must follow in 2023

"NodeJS is a JS runtime environment that helps developers use JavaScript outside a browser. Generally, Node.js is used to make server-side applications. Though this framework is easy to use, as... Read More

Web development is a trendy topic to work on in the current industry. Users prefer apps with interactive and animated UI as they are easy to use and understand. Front-end developers... Read More

Node JS best practices to follow in 2023

"NodeJS is an open-source, single-threaded JS runtime environment used for developing scalable networking and server-side apps. It’s a preferred framework by developers for developing servers for web apps. No matter if... Read More

As we know that React is a trending front-end development framework that developers prefer for easy development. You must follow several fundamental React Best Practices when working with your React-powered... Read More