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Nonferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, lead, magnesium, stainless steel, nickel, tin, and zinc are included in mixed metal in elemental or alloyed (solid) form. We take mixed metal scraps,... Read More

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Zinc has a hexagonal crystal structure that is less dense than iron. Zinc is primarily used in the corrosion protection of iron and steel. Zinc can be made into various... Read More

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Stainless Steel is an ideal material for many applications where both steel and corrosion resistance strength are required. It is corrosion and stain resistant, low maintenance, and has a familiar... Read More

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Ferrous metals include steel, pig iron and alloys of iron with other metals. Ferrous metals are widely used for industrial purposes. We deal with all types of ferrous metals like Heavy... Read More

Best Scrap Metal Traders in UAE, Scrap Processing Yard, Cable Peeling, Scrap Metal Recycling Company

Lead is the oldest metal on the planet. It is highly durable and corrosion resistant. Lead is often used in roofing and as a lining for underground or underwater electric... Read More