canon tr4500 wifi setup

Canon Printer TR4500 wifi Setup:

Canon printers have become the most renowned and purchased brand among users. It is preferred for professional as well as personal use by the users, that is, the users can keep Canon printer at their office as a common printer for use by several colleagues, and also at their homes for use by family members. Thus, its usage is vast.

A canon printer guarantees several new features and the best print quality to the users, thus followed by the easy and the most promising servicing, if in need of.

To setup Canon Printer TR4500, follow the steps:

1. Press the setup button A and then use the left or right arrow button to select the device settings. Once selected, then click OK.

2. Select the LAN Settings and then chose the OK button and after that chose the mode of connection that you are willing to use, and press OK to proceed forward.

3. Setup wifi and connect.

4. Change the wireless direct settings

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