In Ghaziabad, a severe heatwave led the district administration to close all schools for a week. Eight-year-old Aarav Kapoor was initially thrilled but soon realized the heat made even indoor activities challenging.
His family turned their home into a cool retreat with thick curtains, fans, and a portable cooler. They bonded over ice pops, stories, and simple activities. Aarav’s grandmother shared childhood tales of using earthen pots to keep water cool, inspiring Aarav to try it himself. To his delight, the water stayed refreshingly cool.
Evenings on the terrace became a family ritual, enjoying the slightly cooler air. Aarav learned to make traditional hand fans, read books, and played games with his family.
When schools reopened, Aarav returned with stories of resilience and creativity. The heatwave had given him more than just a break; it brought his family closer and taught him to find joy in simplicity.