Grandparents extended family | What is an Extended family law?

What is an extended family in Australia?

An Extended family is a type of familial relationship that is larger than the nuclear family. This type of familial relationship is typically made up of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They usually live in the same house as one another and share a strong bond of love and affection with one another.

However, not everyone in this type of family is directly related by blood or by marriage to one. Family relationships can be complex and can include different degrees of connections within multiple generations of family members.

Who are Extended Families in Australia?

In Australia, extended families play an important role in society. Extended families can be defined as any family that is not the nuclear family. Extended families are made up of multiple family members that are related by blood or by marriage. This can include grandparents, aunts, and uncles, cousins, or brothers and sisters.

In Australia, extended families are most common in rural areas and smaller towns. However, they are becoming more common in major cities as well. Extended families are often involved in caring for their grandchildren and other dependents.

Extended family law act grandparent’s rights

In Australia, grandparents have the right to custody of their grandchildren if they can prove that they are the closest blood relatives of the child.

However, it is possible for grandparents to lose their custody rights if the parents ask the court or Department of Family and Community Services to remove their rights over the children. This can happen if the parents of the child give the grandparents a reason why they should no longer be allowed to have custody of the child.

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