The Flight Protection of Drones is What Horus Has Always Pursued

UAVs also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles, fly coming, and there is always the potential for falling, even if everyone wants to determine it. Some behaviors that are really simple to inflate and violate management rules ought to be avoided. Only civilized flight and law-abiding flight can fly longer and the circle of drones together.

Please follow these safeguards because of the following.

See if the flight is not any-fly or height limit before flying

Don't fly near airports, above military bases, or higher crowded areas

Don't fly inside, don't lift drones in crowded places

Novices should not fly from sight

Don't fly over distance, don't fly on strong winds

When flying in nature areas, concentrate on serious battery degradation and reserve sufficient power for returning. Novices should not lift drones on moving objects (motorboats, cars). Don't fly continuously for just about any extended in time the sunshine. Take serious notice of the nearby obstacles (tree branches, high-current lines, etc.) prior to taking off and landing

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