What Is Robotic Process Automation And How Can It Benefit Your Enterprise?

‘Robots’ – they’re talked about everywhere; sci-fi thrillers, books, comics and have always managed to hold our fascination. The good news is that they’re no longer a distant reality thanks to rapid technological evolution. From the creation of Unimate back in 1954, the world’s first digitally operated robot that was used to lift hot metal pieces, to Atlas, an advanced humanoid with human-like agility and strength, we’ve certainly come a long way. It’s not just the physical capabilities that we’ve conquered, rather our progress in the field of robotics and AI has given rise to a revolution that can transform the way businesses work, and help them perform better in a dynamic, hyper-competitive world. We’re referring to the much talked about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or in other words software ‘robots’ that work with digital systems.