Why Most Harry Potter Wizards Don't Know How to Fight

The Harry Potter series is a great literary masterpiece. It once hooked a non-reader like me and turned me into an aspiring author. I mean once you start, you can’t stop. You will read and read until you feel yourself getting sucked into Hogwarts and watching Harry and the others throw spells. Hats-off to J.K Rowling for bringing Harry to us, nevertheless the story is not perfect. I like everything in the story except for some not so easy to digest elements. I thought that Dobby is too comical to kill. I mean a cartoonish character like him simply don’t fit into a murder scene. It is like seeing Jar-Jar Binks being decapitated by a Sith (though it is a good thing for me). I will write a separate article for that, but another thing I don’t like in the story is how they fight.